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Seismic surveys

The seismic surveys provide information about the structure of the sea floor, the depth and the nature of the different sediments, and the presence of buried objects. For seismic applications at sea, the most commonly used instrument is the "sub-bottom-profiler". It is able to report a sea floor profile with a definition of 30 cm, and a penetration up to 40 m. This data is very useful for: dragging, identifying the location of submerged structures, underwater archaeology, and geophysical surveys. Higher frequency systems are used in order to obtain greater resolution when deep penetration is not required.

CO.L.MAR. has 3 sub bottom profiler systems with different resolution, different frequency and different penetration in sediments, according to the purpose of the survey (low frequency and high penetration up to 40m or high frequency with high resolution, up to 1 cm definition)

Our equipment includes:

  • Sub Bottom Profiler Uniboom EG&G 230
  • Sub Bottom Profiler Imagenex DF1030 (10-30 kHz, Chirp)
  • Sub Bottom Profiler EDGETECH 3100/(4-24 kHz, Chirp) (2011)
  • GPS RTK 20 Novatel accuratezza 2 cm
  • DGPS G12 ASHTECH accuratezza 0.5m
  • Data acquisition Software (SEG-Y/XTF) SWANPRO (Communication Technology)
  • Data acquisition Software (SEG-Y) ed elaborazione dati DISCOVER (EdgeTech)
  • Data processing and presentation Software OpenDTect 4.0 (open source software)
  • GPS Post Processing data Software: Soft-Surv della Novatel.
  • N° 2 navigation Software: NAVPRO Communication Technology.
  • Data processing and presentation SURFER 8 (Golden Software) and Autocad.
  • Plotter A0 HP 450C.