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Side Scan Sonar Surveys

The Side Scan Sonar is the acoustic system employed to study the morphology of the seafloor, contemporary identifying anomalies on the surface of the sea bottom. It lets to acquire an acoustic image of the sea floor on graphic and digital recordings, thanks to the two transducers fixed on the two sides of a “fish” dragged by a boat.

Thanks to Side Scan Sonar the acoustic engineering we make available to our clients are able to improve all geophysical investigations and positioning activities. Just to give few examples, the images obtained by the side scan scanner are useful in order to locate wrecks, map posidonia, track submerged pipelines, etc. Also, thanks to a "mosaicking" software the positional scanner makes it possible to build a map of the area, which is essential to any kind of survey.

The equipment in our possession includes:

  • Side Scan Sonar dual-frequency (100-500 kHz) Geoacoustics
  • Digital-acquisition system
  • SWANPRO data-acquisition software (Communication Technology)
  • Processing software and mosaicking HYPACK 2009
  • 20 Novatel RTK-GPS accuracy 20 cm
  • DGPS Ashtech G12-accuracy 0.5m
  • No 2 Navigation software: NAVPRO of Communication Technology
  • Processing software: 8 SURFER (Golden Software) and Autocad
  • Plotter A0 HP 450C.

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