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Leak monitoring

Since 2010 CO.L.MAR has been working on a stationary sensor for offshore leak detection, both for offshore oil spill leak and hydrocarbon leak detection: Stationary ALD® is the last solution developed that guarantees accurate and precise results. The Stationary ALD® system is based upon several installation points, or Sub Sea Units, linked to a station that records each variation in the flux. Identifying any leak that should occur in or around the installation points, the system can provide an alert message, optionally including location information.

Thanks to the experience gained during the years and with the amount of data collected on field operation, CO.L.MAR. has been able to optimize the system for offshore leak detection. We do expect further improvements in our devices for the next future.

The result is a sensor for pipeline monitoring and offshore leak detection of high precision and quality , which makes the transport of liquid, gas or other dangerous materials safer and, at the same time, gives the correct response within the shortest time possible.

  • Stationary ALD® Since 2010 Colmar has started a R&D project with the target of realizing a leak monitoring system to be permanently installed on subsea oil and gas structures. The research take advantage of the...
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