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Cetacean array

The array was developed by CO.L.MAR for the use in cetacean research and acoustic monitoring of sperm whales.

The array was developed by CO.L.MAR for the use in cetacean research and acoustic monitoring of sperm whales. This product, conceived as the first item in our Cetacean Array, is normally used for asses temporal and spatial changes in the density and behavior of some marine animals. It is especially can also provide important details about the acoustic environments of cetaceans.

A built-in pressure gauge allows you to provide an accurate gauging of sea depth, extremely useful in all stages of cetacean research. The receiving part receives the acoustic and pressure data and allows users to set the acquisition parameters.

Cetacean Array is composed of two main parts, the acoustic section that is towed at the stern of the boat and the receiving part which remains on board. The acoustic section consists of 8 stations, each one including a transducer AQ4 and a pre-amplifier.

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