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Bathymetry and Topography

After 30 years of activity “on the field” we have experienced a wide range of morphologic surveys. The most recurring activities are beach monitoring and harbour surveys.

The long experience and the quality of our equipment allow us to perform bathymetric Single Beam and Multi Beam as well as Topography survey with high accuracy.

The equipment in our possession includes:

  • Novatel RTK-GPS accuracy 1 cm (static)
  • DGPS Ashtech G12-accuracy 0.5m
  • Software for post processing of GPS data: Soft-Surv of Novatel
  • Reson 8125 Multibeam SeaBat (455kHz) ecosounder with Sidescan option
  • Odom Hydrotac Singlebeam (200 kHz) ecosounder, beam opening 9 °
  • No. 2 Navigation software: NAVPRO of Communication Technology
  • Processing software and restitution HYPACK / HYSWEEP 2009, 8 SURFER (Golden Software) and Autocad
  • A0-plotter HP 450C
  • STS-DL64 digital Tidemeter
  • Sound velocity profiler Valeport MiniSVP
  • Geotronix Theodolite-Geodimeter 400
  • Zeiss accuracy
  • Shallow-draft boat

See our video: Multibeam Portofino