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Colmar obtains a 4 years renewal of the DNV qualification for his leak detection technology. Here below the full text of the document:


Co.l.mar S.r.l.


The patented ALD leak detection technology is based on a passive acoustic leak detector that can work under different conditions and represent an alternative to other methods, like the use of dye and visual inspection.

Designated service and limitations:

The ALD technology has been qualified for locating leaks in subsea pipelines and installations when a pressure drop has been experienced during hydrotest (system pressure test). Key critical parameters include differential pressure and leak flow rate, and leaks can be detected for differential pressures down to typically 5 bar differential pressure and 0.1 l/min flow rate as further described in /3/ and /4/.

The ALD technology has been qualified for diver operation and ROV operation. Successful use of the ALD technology has been demonstrated at 1300 meters of water depth.

This statement represents an acknowledgement of the ALD leak detection methodology, and is not a product certificate


DNV has been involved in the qualification process in accordance with /2/ and has visited Colmar’s test facilities to review the testing capabilities as described in /3/. Renewal of this statement in 2022 has been based on received track record and ALD software change log.


Information which may affect the technology qualification status shall be brought to the attention of the below signatories immediately.

 Reference documents:

/1/ DNVGL-RP-A203, Technology qualification, July 2017

/2/ DNVGL-SE-0160, Technology qualification management and verification, 2016

/3/ DNVGL-2017-1205, Acoustic Leak Detection Device – Technology Qualification Report, rev. 0, 2017-12-21

/4/ Colmar Srl, Doc. no. DNVGLQB2017, Qualification Basis, rev. 06, 2017-12-10

The technology qualification is in progress and new sources of uncertainty might be discovered as qualification progresses. Attention is drawn to the iterative nature of the technology qualification /1/.

This Statement is valid until: 2026-08-08

Issued at Oslo on 2022-08-08