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ALD® survey in Qatar

Colmar Italia has been contracted for an ALD® – ROV inspection in Qatar.
The contractor is a major oil company which needed to inspect pipeline and installation pressurized with (MEG) in the Persian Gulf.
Two ALD® teams, has been engaged in order to speed up operations and have operated simultaneously to rapidly verify the integrity of the network.

ALD® Inspection technique utilized: ROV

he ALD® system can be interfaced with a Remote Operated Vehicle to inspect for leak subsea installations including pipelines (in line inspection) and connections (point inspection).
The ALD®-ROV set is mainly composed by an acoustic sensor to acquire the acoustic data, a POD for pre-processing and digital conversion, a transmission line (the ROV umbilical), a surface receiver for hardware processing and an PC-based software to analyse and display the results. The sensor is installed on the ROV manipulator on a dedicated boom the POD is fixed to the vehicle frame.