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Hydrostatic Pressure testing chambers 



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Hydrostatic Pressure testing chambers

We provide a pressure testing service till 430 bar in fresh water. This test is carried out after the production of any underwater system before it is put into use and aids to maintain the durability standards and to ensure the integrity of any underwater system ‘s shell. Any pressure is carryed out at a rate not higher than 12 bar per minute, this prevents breakage of sensitive part.

We have 3 pressure chambers of different sizes and pressure capability:

– Chamber Model GMA044_01 with internal size of 20,5 cm diameter and 50 cm of height max 100 bar.
– Cylindrical chamber with internal size of 37,5 diameter and 116 height max 200 bar.
– Chamber with 3” Megadrill pipe with SAE 6000 flange and hydraulic pump MOD. P.I. 1000 max 430 bar.