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Underwater pipeline surveys

The aim of the underwater pipeline route surveys is to identify and report any features or anomaly that may compromise the safety and performances of the pipeline or cable.


• High resolution geophysical equipment (multibeam, sidescan sonar, sub bottom profiler and magnetometer)

• High accuracy surface positioning (RTK) and underwater positioning (USBL system)

• ROV sensors and video images simoultaneously acquired, georeferenced and stored in the navigation system (based on Hypack or QPS Qinsy software suites)

Technical specifications

A pipeline/cable survey consists of a high resolution survey with multibeam, sidescan sonar, sub bottom profiler, magnetometer, ROV with pipetracker and underwater positioning. CO.L.MAR can offer equipment, personnel and boats to perform all the activities for the pipeline/cable surveys in the nearshore including the surf zone and ashore.
Most of above mentioned equipment is owned by CO.L.MAR.

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