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Vibrocoring and seafloor sampling



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Vibrocoring for seafloor mapping

Vibrocoring is an affective and flexible technique that allows the collection of long and undisturbed cores in water saturated sediments. When the required length of cores is not more than 5-6 m, in shallow or deep water, in lakes, rivers, beaches and any water saturated soil, Vibrocoring is simpler, faster and more economical than traditional drilling techniques. In cases of Environmental Impact studies, it is the recommended technique for sampling.


• Fast mobilization of sampling equipment

• Vibrocoring system is compact and easy to carry by minivan

• Core tubes lenght available (from 2.5 m up to 6.0 m)

• Large core tube diameter (103 mm) compliant with international laws and guidelines

• Soft PETD liner 0.2 mm thickness

• Van Veen grab for seafloor sampling  

Technical specifications

• Rossfelder P-3 vibrocorer (single vibrator motor), force 10.9 to 16.4 kN

• Rossfelder P-5 vibrocorer (twin vibrator motors), force 21.8 to 32.8 kN

• Vibration frequency 2850 vpm

• Standard power source requirements (380 V three phases, 7-10 kW)

• Vibrohead weight 68 kg (P-3), 147 kg (P-5)

• Buoyancy frame and weightstand

• Operational depth: up to 100 m


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