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GP Hydrophone calibrator



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Colmar Hydrophone Calibrator

GP Calibrator

The GP Calibrator is a battery operated field calibrator designed for GP hydrophone series. Easy to carry is ideal to perform field calibrations just before underwater noise measurements. This calibrator is provided with relative custom software to download and display data and graphs resulting from the acoustic and electronic calibrations.
Communication is achieved serially via USB-A port on the field calibrator.
Using custom adaptors it can be even used with different types of hydrophones.


Easy to use and configure, allows different types of calibrations:

• Acoustic (fixed or sweep frequency from 100Hz to 700Hz)
• Electronic (fixed or sweep frequency from 3Hz to 200 kHz)
• Complete (Acoustic + Electronic)

Technical specifications

• Acoustic calibration gives hydrophone sensitivity expressed in dB re to Vrms/uPa

• Bode plot diagram and data output as Acoustic (all hydrophones) and Electronic (only preamplified hydrophones) calibrations

• Easy to carry, ideal to perform field calibrations just before underwater noise measurements

• Internal precision calibrated microphone as reference

• Display visible even under direct sun light

• BNC input available for external calibration signal

• BNC output to monitor the reference microphone

• Battery status indicator

• Internal SD card for storing data and USB output for downloading data and graphs

• Dimension and weight: 13.68″ x 11.61″ x 5.75” peli 1400, 4kg


Accessories and optional configurations

• Adaptors for other types of hydrophones

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