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GP Receiver



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GP Receiver

The GP receiver is an analogue hydrophone amplifier, designed to work with GP series hydrophones. The user interface is built around an anodized alluminium panel and includes a CALIBRATION button that provides the following functions:
-Calibration of the acquisition chain deducing the acoustic pressure of the signal on the Hydrophone in dB re 1uPa peak to peak
-Test of the proper working condition of the system
-Makes possible to calculate the absolute signal amplitude in any record where a calibration mark was included, even if the gain of the acquisition and reproduction chain used is unknown.


The user interface is an anodized alluminium panel including:
• Amphenol MS connector for underwater cable connection
• Battery charge inputs
• On/Off switch with led
• Variable gain 0–50 dB
• Headphone volume knob
• Calibration button with led
• Headphones output
• Variable low pass

Technical specifications

• Installed inside a mo.1120 Pelican Case, IP67 protected against water and dust

• Suitable for both 48/96/192 kHz sample rate audio recording devices

• Powered by an internal rechargeable battery (2,3 Ah), more then 24 hours autonomy

• Very easy to carry, small dimension and only 2 Kg weight

• Wide operating temperature range (-20 + 50 °C)

Accessories and optional configurations

• 48 or 96 kHz A/D converter with USB audio interface

• Recording analysis software

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