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Hydrophone GP1516



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Hydrophone GP1516

Preamplified cylindrical hydrophone, suitable for a wide range of applications. The simple construction, high quality materials and a great number of accessories makes the GP1516 a reliable sensor, robust and configurable, yet affordable.


• High sensitivity
• Low noise
• Double output: single/differential
• Calibration input
• High materials quality
• Robust
• Small and light

Technical specifications

• Working band: 5-70.000 Hz

• High pass filter on preamplifier: Customizable (on demand)

• Sensitivity differential output : -166dB re 1V/uPa@5KHz

• Sensitivity single output. -172dB re 1V/uPa@5KHz

• Orizzontal directivity: Omnidirectional on entire bandwidth

• Vertical directivity: Omnidirectional up to 40 kHz

• Max working depth : 500m

• Gain @5kHz: 30dB (single output), 36dB (differential output)

• Input acoustic equivalent noise @5kHz: 39dB re 1uPa/sqrtHz

• Input impedance: 10 Mega Ohm

• Power requirement: 11.5– 30VDC

• Current consumption: 9mA@12VDC

• Max voltage output: 7Vpp (single output), 14Vpp (differential output)

• Weight in air: 270 gr.

• Body: Stainless steel AISI 316 

Accessories and optional configurations

• Protective frame

• Protective frame with suspension system for vibration damping

• Portable and rugged receiving unit fitted with variable gain adjustment, rechargeable battery, audio output, headphones output with volume knob, calibration signal.

Also available

GP1516M model (without connector)

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