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Communication transducer TD1040



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Communication transducer TD1040

The Colmar TD1040 is a ring-cavity free flooded transducer. A very robust unit typically used for underwater communications. The two main vibration modes have resonant frequencies at 9 and 12 kHz and a usable frequency band between 7 and 16 kHz. Can be used as a receiver in the same band.


• Designed for underwater comunications and telemetry
• Oil filled, rated to full ocean depth
• Robust design suitable for field operation.
• Hemispherical beam pattern, broadband operativity
• Custom interfaces available (cable, connector type, metal to glass pins)
• Customizable in cable lenght and connector type

Technical specifications

Outside dimensions: 108 mm diameter, 80mm height 

Molding material : Polyurethane

Base material: Alluminium (treated with hard oxidation) 

Cable Type: Upon client request 

Resonance frequencies: 9,12 kHz (nominal)   

Usable frequency range: 7-16 kHz 

Transmitting  sensitivity: 138 dB re 1 uPa/V @1m  

Receiving sensitivity  :  -182dB re 1 volt/µPa 

Horizontal  beam pattern : Omnidirectional (+/- 1dB) 

Vertical  beam pattern : Omni +/- 1dB @10kHz,   directive @14kHz  

Maximum operating depth : full ocean depth (nominal)  

Capacitance (at 1 kHz) : 14,2nF   

Working temperature: -5°C / + 40° 

Mounting interface: 6 X M6 holes

Accessories and optional configurations

• Cable lenght and connector termination by choice

Communication transducer TD1040

Communication transducer TD1040