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MB receiver

The MB Receiver is a portable system for underwater noise measurements and assessments, which has been designed for high frequency hydrophones, like GP1190 series. With his small dimensions and only 2 Kg of weight is very easy to carry. An internal rechargeable battery guarantees more then 24 hours of autonomy.


• Installed inside a mo.1120 Pelican Case, IP67 protected against water and dust
• Suitable for up to 500kHz sampling rate
• Powered by an internal rechargeable battery (2,3 Ah), more then 24 hours autonomy
• Very easy to carry, small dimension and only 2 Kg weight
• Wide operating temperature range (-20 + 50 °C)
• Custom software on demand available

Technical specifications

Up to 4 hydrophones input  channels, USB data output

Ultra fast A/D converter inside, NI9222 up to 500 Ks/s 16bit

Fitted with an internal rechargeable battery  that guarantees more then 24 hours of  autonomy

Very easy to carry, small dimensions and only 2kg of weight

Accessories and optional configurations

• Proprietary software available for data processing and spectral analysis

• Co.l.mar. GP series hydrophones with protective cage and damping suspension system

• Underwater polyurethane coated cable (lenght by choise), available also with internal kevlar reinforcement

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