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T1 Acoustic Calibrator



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T1 acoustic calibrator

T1 acoustic calibrator consist in a “standing wave tube” and provides a rapid, portable, and reliable hydrophone calibration in the low frequency range (100Hz – 2kHz). 


User friendly, allows to perform sweep or fixed frequency test setting:
• Start and stop frequency
• Frequency step
• AGC (automatic Gain Control) On/Off
• Test duration: Variable according to the band and frequency step setted

Main parts of the system are:
• Stainless steel hose
• 19″ Rack control unit
• Colmar AR0190XS reference hydrophone

This system has an internal 32 bit micro-processor, SD 8GB memory card for storing data, visible as storage mass once connected to a PC. Display visible even under direct sun light.

Technical specifications

• Internal 32 bit micro-processor

• BNC monitor outputs

• Tx signal

• Reference hydrophone

• XLR output to transducer

• DB9 serial data output

• USB output for downloading data

• Internal SD 8GB memory card for storing data

• Internal precision calibrated reference hydrophone AR0190XS

• Display visible even under direct sun light

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Download T1 acoustic calibrator

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