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MupHydro – Programmable digital hydrophone and recorder



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MupHydro is a smart programmable digital hydrophone and recorder.

Conceived for long term deployments, each unit can be connected with up to 4 hydrophones and ambient sensors. This smart hydrophone can be used for underwater acoustic event detection and subsea noise measurements. It can be also used for permanent underwater monitoring, such as in case of oil and gas, underwater security and biological monitoring.

Technical features

  • Standard acoustic sensor bandwidth 10hz-100kHz. 200kHz version upon request.
  • 2 ADC channels connected to the hydrophones can have different gain and filtering.
  • Software controlled hardware high pass filter can toggle from 5Hz to 700 Hz.
  • Low pass 8th order anti-aliasing filter. Cut-off frequency can be set up independently on the 2 channels via software, from 10kHz to 150kHz with 10kHz steps.
  • Additional 4th order high order low pass and high pass digital filters can be set up independently on each channel.
  • Software programmable 1x to 15x additional analogue gain on each channel.
  • Self-test capability and system health monitoring.
  • Local data storage, up to 32GB uSDHC + optional 1TB External SSD.
  • Onboard triple axis Accelerometer/Magnetometer (compass) for attitude monitoring.
  • External pressure and temperature sensors for sound propagation speed profiling.
  • Power consumption monitoring and duty cycle function for battery powered deployments.
  • High fidelity and ultra-low noise analogue amplification and digital conversion circuits.

Technical specifications


  • Acoustic event detection
  • Underwater noise measurements
  • Permanent underwater monitoring (oil and gas, underwater security, biologic monitoring)
  • Programmable underwater stations
  • Underwater data recorder (cabled or autonomous)
  • Installation on board of underwater vehicles (AUV, ROV, etc.)


  • 13 Pin connector
  • Power and 10-100-1000 Ethernet port
  • 2x RS232 and 1x RS485 interfaces
  • 2x USB ports (allowing the system to work both as an USB and an USB device)

MupHydro Software 

The MuPHydro hydrophone is bundled with a friendly user interface windows software that can be used to configure and communicate with the device. The features of the software are:

MupHydro software layout created by Co.l.Mar. for digital hydrophones and recorders

  • Real time data visualization and playback of previous recordings.
  • Records acoustic data on .wav audio files.
  • Spectrum and spectrogram computation and visualization.
  • 1/3 octave band spectrum.
  • Gain setup and hardware and software filter setup for each channel.
  • File manager for the remote recordings stored on the hydrophone.
  • Calculation of and visualization of the Sound Pressure Level of the acoustic signal.
  • Calculation and logging of the Sound Exposure Level.
  • Toggles the hydrophone between autonomous mission and cabled real time operation.
  • Autonomous mission set up:
    Start and end time and date.
    Duty cycle for reduced battery consumption.
    Sound pressure level threshold activation
  • Hydrophone status monitoring: Power consumption, external temperature and pressure.

MupHydro – Programmable digital hydrophone Download

Product sheet – MupHydro Programmable digital hydrophone