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ALD® – Acoustic Leak Detector Inspection technique: AUV



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ALD® AUV inspection mode

This ALD® AUV mode has been designed to be installed into an autonomous unmanned vehicle; is a stand alone version able to record the data to be post processed after the inspection using the standard ALD® software. Data are also subject to a light processing in real time calculating a leak proabability index.


In this configuration ALD® equipment includes an acoustic sensor to be fixed to vehicle shell and a POD to be integrated in the vehicle payload. Data are acquired and recorded during the run. A partial data analysis is done in real time while the complete processing will take place after vehicle recovery.

Technical specifications


• Dimensions: Designed to be fitted to the AUV payload

• Weight in sea water: 0,0 kg

• Frequency range: from 1 to 150 kHz

• Acoustic sensitivity: -165dB re 1V/uPa

• Max operating depth: 3000 m


• Dimensions: 260 x 108 mm

• Weight in air: 5 kg

• Weight in sea water: 1 kg

• Power supply voltage: 12 to 30 Vdc

• Current: @24Vdc <400 mA

• Max operating depth: 3000 m

Accessories and optional configurations

In this configuration the following optional sensor can be installed: bubble detector, methane detector, dye detector, crude oil detector.

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