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ALD® – Acoustic Leak Detector System Technology



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Acoustic Leak Detector Colmar patented technology

Pipeline Internal leak detection (PIG). Colmar patented technology

ALD® Acoustic Leak Detector System Technology

ALD® acoustic leak detector is a patented technology of CO.L.MAR., which has benefited from the development of submarine inspection techniques and from the constant updating of equipment, in order to always work with cutting-edge tools and instruments. The ALD® service, including equipment and operators is supplied to promptly detect existing subsea leaks or, during pressure test of subsea installations, to guarantee an immediate inspection in case of pressure loss. ALD is an essential tool for pipeline integrity inspection and generally for IRM (inspection repair maintenance) activities. 


Effectiveness: Not affected by current, turbidity, visibility, ambient noise

Sensitivity: Detected leaks as small as 0,04 lt/min

Reliability: 100% of success after 21 years on the field

Experience: 21 years operations,  over 90 offshore projects and over 50 subsea leaks

Qualification: DNV-GL qualified technology

Rapidity: Fast worldwide mobilization  

No need to stop production

ALD has detected leaks on buried pipelines, flanges, risers, umbilical, valves, gas leak, oil leak, water leak

Technical specifications

The system is mainly composed by an underwater acoustic sensor, a POD (underwater electronic unit), a transmission line, a receiving unit and a PC based processing and display software. The sensor and the transmission line are different depending on the inspection techniques while the other components are common to all applications: while the sensor is driven along the pipeline or positioned close to a flange or connection, the receiver puts the operator in condition of identifying an eventual leak signal.

Accessories and optional configurations

• Inspection methods: ROV, towfish, vertical, diver, AUV

• Optional sensors: bubbles detector, dye detector, crude oil detector, methan detector.

• Min. detectable leak: below 0,04 lt/min

• Max case weight below 30kg (can fly as extra luggage)

• DNV-GL qualified technology

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