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ALM – Acoustic Leak Monitor 



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alm acoustic leak monitor

Acoustic Leak Monitor (ALM)

The Acoustic Leak Monitor (ALM) is an application of Acoustic Leak Detector ALD® technology for the monitoring of subsea installations for leaks of any fluid (gas, oil, hydraulic oil, etc.). The system has been designed to promptly detect leaks arising in the area surrounding the installation point. ALM is composed by a Subsea Unit (SSU) and a Top Side Unit (TPU) connected by a RS485/Ethernet link.


RELIABLE: Design resulting from 17 years of experience in subsea leak detection

DURABLE: Full plastic body: no eddy current, no corrosion, no need for ordinary maintenance

EASY: Simple interface, no dedicated personnel, small data rate

Technical specifications

• Max operating depth: 2.500 m

• In air weight: 5.5 kg

• Power: 11-35 VDC

• Power consumption: < 900 mA @ 12 VDC

• Link: RS485 or Ethernet

• Dimensions: 110 x 350 mm

Accessories and optional configurations

It can be equipped with optional sensors: methane detector, dye detector, crude oil detector.

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