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Cetacean array



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Acoustic cetacean array

The acoustic cetacean array is composed by a wet part to be towed from the vessel and a dry part to be installed on the deck for whale listening. The acoustic section is composed by 8 stations each including an AQ4 transducer and a preamplifier. A pressure gauge provide an accurate depth reading. The dry part is mainly composed by a receiver which allow to receive the acoustic and pressure data and set the acquisition parameter.


The hydrophones are immersed in oil. The mounting frame allows to eliminate the pressure variations due to horizontal accelerations. The hydrophone and the preamplifier are then moulded in a single polyurethane block. The array is very light and can be easily handled and operated by one man also during the launch and the recovery without the help of crane or winches.

Technical specifications

• Acoustic sensitivity -201 dB re  1V/μPa

• Accelleration sensitivity – 60 dB re V/g

• Max depth 3300 m

• Capacity 2400 pf

• Dimensions 13 x 33 mm

• Gain  24+6 dB

• Band width 13 Hz – 100 kHz

• Power 11 – 30 Vdc

• Noise (1 kHz) -160 dB re 1 V/Hz^1/2