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Hydrophone DG1330



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Hydrophone DG1330

The DG1330 is a digital omnidirectional hydrophone, a professional tool specifically designed and produced for the KM3Net Neutrino project, where our hydrophone was selected by INFN to record acoustic signals at depths of up to 3500 m. The sensor consists of a spherical piezo-ceramic element, read-out by an analogue board splitting the signal in two lines with different gains (+46 dB and +26 dB respectively). Two streams are sampled by a stereo 24 bit commercial ADC (CS-4270) and converted into AES protocol using a DIT (Digital Interface Transmitter). Available with and without analogue signal high-pass filtering stage.


• Filter frequency is 700 Hz, to reject the low frequency ambient sea-noise (which follows a 1/f shape, and flattens at about 5 kHz)
• Not-filtered version can be also used for acoustic noise monitoring and marine bioacoustics
• Channels (2) with different gain
• Very low self noise on both channels
• Wide frequency range
• High sensitivity, high dynamic range
• 24 bit, up to 216 kHz sample rate
• External 25 MHz digital clock input or internal clock
• AES/EBU interface
• Customizable

Technical specifications

• Working band: 5-90.000 Hz

• High pass filter on preamplifier : 700 Hz (on demand)

• CH1 output sensitivity: -156dB re 1V / uPa @ 5kHz

• CH2 output sensitivity: -176 dB re 1V / uPa @ 5kHz

• Directivity : Spherical – Omnidirectional

• Max working depth : 3500 m

• Gain @5kHz: 46 dB (CH1), 26dB (CH2)

• Equivalent input acoustic noise @5kHz: 34 dB re 1uPa / sqrtHz

• Input impedance: 10 MOhm

• Supply voltage range: 9 – 18 Vdc

• Current consumption: 100 mA @ 12 Vdc

• Output: AES3 protocol

• Weight in air: 1600 g with 4m cable

• Body construction: POMC (stainless steel inner core)

• Dimensions: 330 x 52 mm 

Accessories and optional configurations

• Custom cable lengths and connectors

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