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Underwater anti-intrusion acoustic barrier



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Underwater anti-intrusion acoustic barrier

Used as first line harbour defence system the underwater anti-intrusion acoustic barrier can be integrated with other classification systems and countermeasure.
The number of sensors can be extended up to a maximum of 20-30 units thanks to fibre optic Ethernet connection and the possibility of transmitting on three frequencies with the appropriate timing. It can be installed at depths from 7-8 up to a maximum of 60 meters.


  • Protect harbours and installation from underwater and surface attacks
  • Detects targets in very high noise and reverberation sites independently from environmental conditions with very high detection probability and low false alarm rate
  • Low cost and easy deployment
  • Extremely high reliability
  • Used as Primary Layered Defence, can be part of an integrated defence system including other components for classification and countermeasures.

Technical specifications

• Central frequency > 25 KHz; range resolution < 15 cm

• The system works up to 60 meters water depth. Sensors are placed about 50 cm from the sea bottom on a H meters water depth

• N° of sensors can be extended to 20-30 units thanks to ethernet fiber optic connection

• Possibility of transmitting on three frequencies and with proper timing

• From 7-8 m up to 50-60 m deployment bottom depth

• Limited dependence from ambient noise and sound speed profile

• Limited dependence from volume reverberation