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Underwater noise measurement / monitoring systems and services



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Underwater noise measurement monitoring systems and services

Since the importance of underwater noise in the assessment of the environmental impact of vessels and offshore units has emerged, Co.l.mar. has completed a great number of underwater noise measurements and monitoring campaigns, from Borneo to the North Sea.
Thanks to our underwater sound recording equipment, while carrying out these campaigns we have been able to study many different sources of sounds: dredges, “pile driving” operations, speed boats, etc.

Backed by the knowledge gained thanks to these experiences, we have developed our proprietary hardware and software for the acquisition and processing of the different data. We also provide an hiring service for underwater noise measurements, including portable equipment, fixed stations (MupHydro) and bottom recorders (RTsys systems).

technical informations


  • Underwater noise assessment campaign
  • Underwater noise measurement
  • Equipment hiring service for underwater noise measurements

Technical specifications

  • Equipment and service for underwater acoustic measurements according to ANSI/ASA S12.64-2009 Part1

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