Subsea leak detection

Colmar is probably the most experienced company worldwide in the field of subsea leak detection. In more than 20 years we have developed, patented and qualified (DNV-GL) a proprietary leak detection technology (ALD – Acoustic Leak Detector).

We have proven the effectiveness of ALD on the field: 

22 years, worldwide  

58 leaks detected on offshore installations 

94 projects (including non-leaking pipeline) 

100 % rate of success  

0,04 lt/min  the smallest leak detected on the field  

Thanks to our technology we can promptly detect very small leaks using the most suitable inspection ALD methodology: 

  • ROV installed  
  • Towfish 
  • Diver handheld 
  • Vertical deployment 
  • AUV installed 
  • ALM – permanent installation for continuous monitoring 

We provide: 

  • Emergency services in case of Oil Spill or hydrotest failure  
  • Stand by services during critical operation (pressure test, pigging) 
  • IRM (inspection repair maintenance) services 
  • Inspection for pipeline rehabilitation