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Hydrophone SC0190



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Omnidirectional, high frequency screwed Hydrophone for bottom recorders.

Hydrophone SC0190

The SC0190 is a bulkhead mounting omnidirectional hydrophone, suitable from low to high frequencies (up to 180 kHz bandwidth) and ultra deep applications (up to 3500m) as ambient noise measurements, marine mam-mal detection and monitoring, as well as seismic studies. The SC0190 has a standard 7/16-20 thread and its small dimensions allows to be used in a wide range of applications. If mounted on a metal housing, it is im-portant that the housing is made of the same material, for this reason this model is available in different body materials.


• Resistant to high static pressure
• Wide frequency band
• Small and robust
• Individually calibrated
• Long term stability
• Omnidirectional in all planes


  • Working band: 5 –180.000 Hz
  • Receiving sensitivity: -205 dB re 1V/uPa @5kHz
  • Directivity : Spherical – Omnidirectional
  • Max working depth : 3500 m
  • Outline dimensions: 55 mm x 24,2 mm
  • Weight in air: 100 gr
  • Body construction: Stainless steel AISI 316 / Bronze / Reinforced resin

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