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Subsea leak detection

Subsea leak detection

Since 1998 CO.L.MAR. is a leading company in underwater and subsea leak detection through acoustic inspection thanks to an advanced, accurate underwater leak monitoring made possible by the ALD® (Acoustic Leak Detector) technology.

ALD® is the fastest, most precise and reliableresponse to any kind of leak emergencies; which is essential considering that a pour out in a submerged pipeline caused by a defect of pipe-laying or wear of material means serious economic and ecological damages. CO.L.MAR. has produced an underwater leak detection and monitoring system whose devices are able to locate very small escapes on the sea line even in extremely hard environmental conditions.

The ALD® system and the relative service of subsea leak detection have been developed year by year, eventually obtaining an international patent. Starting from 1998, we have tested the ALD® efficiency worldwide in an extensive range of different offshore environments including strong currents, zero visibility, shallow and ultra deep water detecting leaks on buried pipelines, flanges, clamps, risers, pipe in pipe, well head etc. As a result of these field experiences, we can confirm that acoustic is the most reliable technique to detect escapes and thus the most efficient undersea and underwater leak detection system.

However, in some cases, using an additional technique can be appropriate, for this reason our acoustic system has a free additional channel where a secondary sensor like dye or hydrocarbons detectors can be attached.

In addition, a special application of ALD® technology, called “Stationary ALD®”, has been developed in order to monitor subsea installations for leaks generated by any fluid (gas, MEG, hydraulic oil, etc.). In other words, our subsea leak detection and underwater leak monitoring are able to satisfy all activities of survey, analysis and investigation.


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