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Custom products

Over the last few years, CO.L.MAR. has used its experience to develop many types of underwater hydrophones and other highly technological products to study the peculiar features of sound propagation in the water. Characterized by a wider application field, these items are included in the category “Standard products” of our catalogue related to bioacoustics.

Sea floor surveys, bioacoustics and military defence systems are just few examples of the marine activities to which underwater acoustics has become an essential resource. Our standard products and underwater hydrophones of all kinds always provide accurate data.

Moreover, we design and manufacture acoustic systems according to our customer needs: from a simple underwater hydrophone to multi channels arrays, complete of telemetry and processing units.

The company has acquired the technical knowledge to manufacture and develop different types of underwater hydrophones and underwater acoustic equipment from its founder, engineer Alessandro Barbagelata, who has been working at NATO for more than 30 years, most of them as Head of Electronic Underwater-Acoustics in the Engeneering department.

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