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Underwater acoustics

Underwater acoustics

CO.L.MAR. is a leading company in acoustic leak detection guaranteeing accurate subsea inspections based on advanced monitorings made possible by a proprietary technology: ALD® (Acoustic Leak Detector).

Thanks to the characteristics of sound propagation in water, over the course of the last years underwater noise measurements have become an essential resource for many marine activities: sea floor surveys, bioacoustics and military defence systems are just some examples.

We have been operating in the field of marine acoustic engineering, designing and manufacturing custom systems, since 1982. Based on decades of experience, our products are developed according to the specific necessities of customers. Each single aspect of the project, from mechanics to electronics, is developed within our company which is nowadays an authority in the field of acoustic leak detection.

Beside the above mentioned “custom” products, our wide range of solutions includes both “ standard” highly technological products which we have developed with a wider application field.

Moreover, we have a deep expertise in “underwater noise assessment” using acoustic leak detection devices. These activities require an in depth knowledge of underwater sounds and a great deal of experience in the related measurements: CO.L.MAR. has developed a proprietary hardware and software for data acquisition and processing.

Among our clients we are proud to number: NATO, AGIP, SAIPEM, BP, ExxonMobil, TUBITAK, the Italian Navy, many Universities, as well as Italian (ISPRA, ICRAM) and foreign government companies. Among the latter, many environmental organizations that have hired us for purposes of whale listening.

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