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Noise Assessment

MISURE DI RUMORESince the importance of underwater noise in the assessment of the environmental impact of vessels and off shore units has emerged, CO.L.MAR. has completed a great number of underwater noise measurements campaigns, from Borneo to the North Sea. Thanks to our underwater sound recording equipment, while carrying out these campaigns we have been able to study many different sources of sounds: dredges, “pile driving” operations, speed boats, etc. Backed by the knowledge gained thanks to these experiences, we have developed our proprietary hardware and software for the acquisition and processing of the different data.

While working on measurements with underwater sound recording equipment, a great deal of attention must be paid to data interpretation and to propagation models, since working conditions can often become difficult and not conducive to investigation. A wide and specific experience in underwater monitoring and assessment is then necessary to properly interpret the effects of the measurement conditions encountered on the field.

CO.L.MAR. has been collaborating for several years with Italian leading research centres operating in marine acoustics, including: ISPRA, IRPEM, NURC, CNR, ENEA, INFN, INGV Also, other companies have relied on our work: Saipem, AGIP, BP, SHELL, PRYSMIAN, WWF etc.rts.