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acoustic systems

We provide a wide range of underwater acoustic systems, for i.e. ultra low noise hydrophones, which are suitable both for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring.

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Subsea leak

Our mission is to provide the most effective leak detection systems and the most efficient leak detection service for the Oil & Gas offshore industry.

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Custom systems
& services

We design and manufacture acoustic systems according to our customer needs: from a simple underwater hydrophone to multi channels arrays, complete of telemetry and processing units.

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We design innovative solutions to study the seafloor, the coast and inland waters with geophysical and morphology surveys.


Noise monitoring
& assessment

Thanks to our underwater sound recording equipment, we have developed our proprietary hardware and software for the acquisition and processing of the different data.

Co.L.Mar Italia

For more than forty years, our specific skills in underwater acoustics have allowed us to be leaders in this sector. Our experience ranges from the design to the production of acoustic systems such as hydrophones and projectors, used both in the civil sector, for environmental monitoring and oceanographic research, and in the military sector, in the field of active systems (sonars, antennas) and passive systems (acoustic heads, hydrophones etc.). Our company is actively present in geophysical surveys in harbour and coastal areas and offers services of subsea leak detection on offshore oil and gas pipelines thanks to the exclusive ALDⓇ patent qualified by the DNV standard. The services provided in the offshore sector over the years have allowed us to be known by the major oil companies around the world. Our headquarters is also equipped with the largest indoor pool in Italy (11m x 14m x 8m), equipped and dedicated to instruments testing , acoustic measurements and calibrations.

Design and development of underwater acoustic systems
Patented technology for subsea leak detection.
Coastal & underwater surveys